Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Let's ask People in Syria, Iraq and Palestine What They Think of American Violence?

Yes, what happened in Florida is tragic, but not as tragic as the American led butchery in Iraq, 15 years on and still going..Let's ask some Iraqis in Mosul what they think. Hmm, doesn't seem to be anyone home?
And not as tragic as the American led butchery in Syria, now heading into its seventh year...Let's ask the Syrians. Hmm, no one seems to be living in that part of Aleppo either. Wonder what's going on?
And not nearly as tragic as the American funded, backed and weapons supplied to Israel butchery in Palestine, now in its 70th year..Guess what, no one is living in this devastated part of Gaza.
Then there's the loving aerial bombardments we gave to Libya, which was the most prosperous African state and now is a anarchy hellhole, with massive infrastructure damage. Add in Yemen, Somalia, Sudan, Mali and God knows how many others our sleazy, back-stabbing, Israeli ass-kissing politicians have destroyed for the glory of Apartheid Israel.

So cry me a river, America. Stop living by the sword and maybe we'll stop dying by the sword.

UPDATE: Was going to make the following a separate blog, but it fits in nicely with this one.

Google is now officially JOOGLE.

Went to Google JOOGLE to get the above images, typed in "images of Mosul, Iraq destruction" and only got back links to the LYING MSM, no images... Satellite images? What, they afraid to let people see up close what the DC WHORES 4 Israel have done?

Then typed in "images for Star of David" and got this page of images back...

It won't work Google JOOGLE, people just got to be free and all the BS, lies and roadblocks you erect ain't gonna stop that march.

UPDATE II: Rebels of Google: Tampons Kept in Men’s Restrooms Because ‘Some Men Menstruate’

Jesus Christ, I must need one for my brain, because it's haurting so hard, it must be bleeding after reading this deranged slop.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Check to See if Your State is in the Star of David False Flag Sights

In my case, went to the State of Missouri SEMA page, that operates in conjunction with the DHS and FEMA and found several Active Shooter drills coming up. And an exercise involving the use of a vehicle to commit mayhem.

FEMA Training: Emergency Management Institute

Looks like Farmington and Troy, Missouri are having back-to-back AS drills/seminars on March 15-16. If you have kids going to any schools in that area, I'd keep them out on those dates.
You can also go to the ALICE--Alert Lockdown Inform Counter Evacuate--page to see their ALICE Training Class Calendar to find out if some Mossad assassins are planning to visit your local school. (Thought that Commiefornia was next in line for another Mossad fireworks show and tried to check that state's EMA page, but their web site and search engine is a fucking mess.)

A casual search of Arizona finds that Antelope Valley College is holding one of these 'hide in place and get shot drills' next month:
Lock Down Drills (aka Active Shooter Drills) – March 14, 2018

Main Campus (entire campus)

9:45 AM and 7:30 PM
GET INFORMED! Don't be a target that some Chabad Mossad-FBI assassin team uses for practice.
Or maybe you prefer the loving embrace of DHS and their Active Shooter Seminar, like the one held in Las Vegas 6 weeks before the Harvest slaughter?

Monday, February 19, 2018

Anti-Semitism Rears its Ugly Head! What's a Poor GOY to Do?

Oy Vey! What's a good GOY to do?
Since Jews aren't truly Semites, but mostly descended from eastern Europe and Russia, then these anti-Semitic incidents must be forms of pure Talmudic hatred for us GOY.
Upsurge in “Anti-Semitism” Has Disturbing Jewish Origins

Police arrested an Israeli Jew named Michael Kadar for making multiple violent threats against American Jewish centers. The USA TODAY headline said it all: “Jews shocked that suspect in Jewish center threats is one of their own.” Later, Kadar was charged with making more than 2,000 threats! The indictment said that the Jewish Israeli jihadist threatened a US senator and ordered drugs online to send to the senator’s house. He threatened to kidnap and kill the children of a CIA and Pentagon official. The indictment alleged that Kadar made a bomb threat against an El-Al flight to Israel that sparked fighter jets to be scrambled, and he threatened a Canadian airport, which required passengers to disembark in emergency slides and left six people injured. He is also accused of threatening a Virgin Air flight—a threat that resulted in the plane having to dump eight tons of fuel before landing—and threatening a plane being used by the NBA’s Boston Celtics.
Where's Mikey at? Not in the USA. Israel refused our request to try the fucking terrorist in the USA, so he's being treated in an Israeli hospital for his mental state.
Joshua Goldberg: One-Man Terrorism Factory

Michael Kadar is not the only Jewish terrorist helping to generate the ADL’s alleged “wave of hate.” Another Jewish man named Joshua Goldberg was arrested for posting online bomb-making instructions while posing as an “ISIS jihadist.” Mr. Goldberg’s terroristic résumé as posted on his Wikipedia page is shocking:

Goldberg first received widespread media attention under his alleged Twitter handle “Australi Witness” following the Curtis Culwell Center attack, a terrorist attack on a Garland, Texas exhibit featuring images of Muhammad in May 2015, in which two assailants died in a shootout with police. Goldberg’s “Australi Witness” persona, had, posing as a Perth jihadist, called for an attack on, and posted maps of, the center where the exhibit was taking place, and praised the jihadist attackers in its aftermath, and was retweeted by one of the assailants before the attack. His trial was suspended after it emerged that he had previously been diagnosed with schizophrenia and anxiety disorder as part of a long history of mental illness, and he was found incompetent to stand trial pending efforts by doctors to return him to competence.
Notice that, just as with Kadar, the diagnosis is not Jewish terrorism—but mental illness.

Mental illness? Like all those American Jew mass-murderers, including the latest one, Cruz?
If either of these fucking Yid terrorists had been name Ahmed or Mohamed they'd already been shot to pieces or serving life in the Supermax Fed prison in Colorado. But since they're Jews, they face no punishment.
Pouring poison on the Internet

Like many other news websites, Common Dreams has been plagued by inflammatory anti-Semitic comments following its stories. But on Common Dreams these posts have been so frequent and intense they have driven away donors from a nonprofit dependent on reader generosity.

A Common Dreams investigation has discovered that more than a thousand of these damaging comments over the past two years were written with a deceptive purpose by a Jewish Harvard graduate in his thirties who was irritated by the website's discussion of issues involving Israel.

His intricate campaign, which he has admitted to Common Dreams, included posting comments by a screen name, "JewishProgressive," whose purpose was to draw attention to and denounce the anti-Semitic comments that he had written under many other screen names.

The deception was many-layered. At one point he had one of his characters charge that the anti-Semitic comments and the criticism of the anti-Semitic comments must be written by "internet trolls who have been known to impersonate anti-Semites in order to then double-back and accuse others of supporting anti-Semitism"--exactly what he was doing. (Trolls are posters who foment discord.)

The impersonation, this character wrote, must be part of an "elaborate Hasbara setup," referring to an Israeli international public-relations campaign. When Common Dreams finally confronted the man behind the deceptive posting, he denied that he himself was involved with Hasbara.

The real anti-Semites....appear to be Jews. Who shriek and cackle up a storm anytime some Mossad assassins take out school kids, always blaming whites, a race they are dedicated to wiping off the face of the Earth.
Using their weaponized version of the IDF, the JIDF...

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